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Remembrance not celebration

Today, the 11 November, we seem to need a reminder of why we mark 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month, and how the focus has shifted from Armistice Day to ‘Remembrance Sunday’.

The original spirit of marking Armistice Day was to remember those who had given their lives and to pledge to prevent such loss of life happening again – in remembrance, not ‘celebration’.

How many times have we heard veterans of both world wars saying that they do not want to be described as heroes, and rather that we should remember those who died when they survived.

The way this annual call for peace has been hijacked and transformed into a glorification of militarism is a disservice to those who deserve to respected and remembered.

It is well worth reading this report by Joe Glenton, written after Remembrance Day last year, that expresses this better than  I can.

Joe Glenton was a British soldier for six years, serving in Afghanistan, whose book Soldier Box was published in 2013. Follow him on Twitter at: @joejglenton

Posted by Mike Cooper.


National Demo: Afghanistan – time to go

This Saturday 20th November is the national demonstration –  Afghanistan: Time to go.

Assemble 12 noon Hyde Park, march to Trafalgar Square. Speakers include Tony Benn, Eric Joyce MP and Lowkey.

For information, follow the link to Stop the War

If you intend to go the demo and wish to join the Sutton group, please join us at Sutton station at 10.30 am on Saturday the 20th Nov.

We will make our way to Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park by 12 noon.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Saleh Mamon, demo coordinator for S4P&J