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My Nazi Legacy film screening 24 June

Sutton for Peace and Justice invite you to a screening of  ‘My Nazi Legacy – What our fathers did’ in Sutton on 24 June.

A disturbing and thought-provoking documentary film. Eminent human rights lawyer Philippe Sands accompanies the sons of two Nazi war criminals as they travel through Europe to confront the past sins of their fathers.

MyNaziLegacy image

Sands interviews Niklas Frank and Horst von Wächter, the sons of Hans Frank and Otto Wächter, respectively (among their other grim distinctions) the Nazi governor of occupied Poland and Nazi governor of Galicia in Ukraine. Whilst one has come to terms with what his father did, the other is still in denial.

Every member of Philippe Sands’ family living in an area of Ukraine were slaughtered in 1941  when it was under the control of two Nazi officials.

And this is not just of historical interest – these are live issues. The film visits Nazi-nostalgists and paramilitaries in Ukraine who hail Horst von Wächter as the son of a hero .

As Phillipe Sands says: ‘Their fathers may be long dead, but the underlying issues that gave rise to these horrors in the first place are all still there’.

  • ‘Outstanding documentary about history and guilt’. The Guardian.
  • ‘A welcome attempt to confront the Nazi era with a steady eye.’  The Telegraph.

Friday June 24th, 7.30pm, doors open at 7.00.

At Sutton Quaker Meeting Hall, Cedar Road, Sutton, SM2 5DA.

There is no entry charge, donations will be taken on the night. Please reserve your place by email to sutton4peace@yahoo.co.uk or by text message to 07740 594496.


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