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Film – within the eye of the storm – 6 March

Sutton for Peace and Justice presents the film ‘within the eye of the storm’.

An award winning documentary film following the stories of Palestinian and Israeli fathers, both of whose daughters were killed in the conflict , as they seek to humanize the enemy and end the vicious cycle of violence and retaliation.

Within Eye of storm

Bassam and Rami were dedicated fighters willing to kill and be killed by one another for the sake of their nations, who each came face-to-face with the price of war when their daughters were killed in the conflict.

But they chose an unexpected route in reaction to the pain of bereavement. They set out on a joint journey to seek to humanize the very enemy which took the dearest thing from them and prevent the vicious cycle of retaliation in themselves and their societies.

The film follows their two parallel stories, revealing the friendship and humour that keeps them alive at this critical junction in both their lives, as their life mission and personal agenda clash and they face their shattered families, confused communities and opposing society.

Directed by Shelley Hermon, in association with the Sundance Institute and France 5 TV.

On Friday 6 March, at Friends House, Cedar Road, Sutton, SM2 5DA. Doors open 7.00pm, film starts at 7.30.

There is no advance entry charge, donations will be taken on the night. Please reserve your place by email to sutton4peace@yahoo.co.uk or by text message to 07740 594496.


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